Let’s get to the root of all problems and lead the world from a place of truth and abundance.

All the problems in the world arise from one and the same root: our awareness crisis.

What is desperately needed is a massive transformation in awareness amongst humanity. Become a catalyst of one the most impactful transformations in the existence of humanity.

Our old systems are broken.
It’s time to dismiss them and create an inclusive structure from which we can lead ourselves.

In 2020 YOU can start leading the world in a new and profound way with the World Consciousness Forum.

Join the WCF online or offline. May 28 and 29 an inclusive group of leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, creators and everyone else who wants to be a part of this, will kick off the global awareness accelerator.

With the WCF we will create a roadmap for humanity to live it’s true purpose. Let’s get to the root of all problems and lead the world from a place of truth and awareness together.

Introducing some of our special guests:









The 4 themes for the WCF ‘kick-off edition’
in Amsterdam 2020.

Purpose Aligned Humanity

How can we enable every human to create in alignment with their true purpose?

Conscious Leadership

How can you become a more conscious entrepreneur or leader?

Create Consciously

How can you create a more conscious organization?

Accelerate Your Impact

How can we accelerate the impact of our initiatives and organizations by working together?

The first edition of the WCF is a highly interactive two-day event.

It is both about being inspired as a leader AND about contributing to answers on the 4 themes.

For the kick-off edition, we have chosen for a maximum of 300 participating creators, entrepreneurs and leaders at the venue. The amount of online participants in the forums is unlimited.

The WCF is not only for the participants. The WCF launches new initiatives that contribute to the waking up of humanity and forum insights will be shared with the world.

The WCF is a foundation. 90% of tickets sales are used for the organization of the WCF itself. 10% of ticket sales will be used for WCF launched initiatives that accelerate the transformation of consciousness amongst humanity.

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The World Consciousness Forum will be hosted at the EYE, the A’DAM Tower and the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

About WCF

The WCF was created for you. We wish it to be steered by the whole of humanity. By You. It is your vehicle to participate in solving the awareness crisis. It’s your vehicle to contribute to the ascension of humanity to the next level.
You are the co-creator humanity has been waiting for.

The World Consciousness Forum is an initiative of Joel aan ‘t Goor (1981). Joel is the founder of the international platforms Awake Origins and OPEN Business Leaders, a cross-sectoral international network of more than 500 CEO’s of large and medium-sized companies. With all his initiatives Joel accelerates the transformation of consciousness within leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives. As an entrepreneur, psychologist, and ambient techno DJ he facilitates environments in which human beings from different worlds connect, awaken and co-create a more joyful reality for life on earth. In his own words: “It’s time.” 


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