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Let's wake up humanity


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May 28 – 30 | Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

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World Consciousness Forum 2020

Three days of inspiration, peer learning and co-creating

Join the first annual summit where entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, scientists, and thought leaders get together, get connected and get actionable.


Connect with other awake leaders across the globe and take action by:

  1. Expanding your level of consciousness
  2. Inspiring and being inspired how to build conscious organizations
  3. Co-creating an action plan to wake up humanity


The mission of the World Consciousness Forum (WCF) is to accelerate the transformation of life on earth towards a joyful society.


Next step in the evolution
A shared joyful reality will only arise when humans take the next step in evolution: wake up, take true responsibility for themselves and become inside out creators.

Entrepreneurs and Leaders
The people on earth with the biggest impact are entrepreneurs and leaders. They are levers for many people through the products and services they deliver and the organizations they lead.

10% tipping point
Conscious entrepreneurs and leaders will act as a catalyst to manifest the desired transformation on earth. WCF aims to establish the tipping point for transformation by the waking up of 10% of all influential entrepreneurs and leaders in the world.

Let’s wake up humanity

It always starts with the self..

Know yourself | Be aware and in absence of denial | Find inspiration | Create from the inside out |

.. From me to we ..

Notice what is unwanted and dysfunctional | Act responsible | Foster healthy relationships |

.. To create impact in the world

Work your deeper purpose | Create value for all stakeholders | Scale your impact | Spread the conscious approach |

Keynotes, masterclasses, workshops, think tanks, movie screenings, podcasts, music, arts, interviews, mentor sessions, meetups, and more…

Let’s meet in Amsterdam

The World Consciousness Forum will be hosted
at the Westergasfabriek, a former industrial site hosting gas factory complexes (in Dutch: gasfabrieken) in the West part of the city.

About us

Independent foundation

World Consciousness Forum (WCF) is the international independent foundation for raising consciousness among leaders. The forum includes an annual congress where business leaders, thought leaders, scientists, and spiritual leaders get together, connect, and work dedicated to raise the level of consciousness among humanity.

Joel aan ‘t Goor

The WCF is a non-profit organization founded by Joel aan ‘t Goor. Joel is an entrepreneur and psychologist who most recently found Origins, an international community of for awake and purpose-driven leaders. He is the author of the book ‘The Journey to your Origin – Your Soul as USP in an AI world’. He is also a keynote speaker, an executive coach, and an ambient techno DJ.

Get in Touch

Feel you want to join us to wake up humanity? Do you have insights, capabilities, art or anything else that could be relevant to share at the World Consciousness Forum? Or do you want to talk on how you can support our cause?
Please send us a message and get in touch!