Create a lighthouse event in your city

Do you want to organise a gathering during the WCF in your city or host an official WCF Lighthouse for 24 hours?

A WCF Lighthouse takes place in a venue of your choice and consists of one or more of the following:

Big screen to participate virtually at the main event in Amsterdam

Live speakers that talk about WCF related themes

A group meditation to increase the frequency on earth during the WCF

Become an


Activate your network and following to get on board with this global movement of shining our internal lights and create a wave of faith, trust and connection into this world.

We need active leaders to step forth into a pioneer positionĀ to spread the notion that humanity is waking up and together we can collaborate.

Are you ready to rise up and raise awareness about all the Awareness that is already out there and amplify it?

Reach out to become an Ambassador at ambassador@worldconsciousnessforum.comĀ 


With an understanding that this movement is for all of us; we need all of us.

This is the opportunity to get educated, motivated and inspired.

Ambassadors ignite their following and network by spreading the word on the WCF.

Partners deepen the capacity to create a stable platform.

Sponsors empower the emergence of the WCF through sharing aligned resources.

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