Founder of Aletheia LLC, a philanthropic company that merges physics, neuroscience, biology, and scientific research with traditional meditation techniques and practices. We believe in a highly conscious race and we strive to help accelerate the evolution of human consciousness by inspiring, empowering, and fostering individual awareness.

Professional/Academic Background

Over 15 years of corporate experience in multiple fortune 500 enterprises including Microsoft, Skype, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and NASA. Fernmarie holds a B.Sci in Physics and a M.Sci in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico. Her interest in cognitive science and brain studies led her to a M.Sci in Human Centered Design from the University of Washington – USA.

As a hobby, she spent 12 years with Zero Gravity Corp., helping to open space travel to civilians, and later in 2017, she became a World Champion dancer. She also has accumulated over 5000 hours of yoga and meditation practice.

Today Fernmarie’s passion is to help individuals and organizations learn how to create heightened states of sustainable peak performance and flow.